LOCALIQ is a network of websites offering "socially" driven local business recommendations, deals & events.




Terrigal.com.au is a socially-driven local business directory network that contains wide range of local information operating in a corporate setting that features service-related businesses, retail establishments and restaurants within the 15km vicinity of Terrigal beach.



Umina.com.au is a local business directory and information listing network that seeks to list and rank businesses through the help of social media. Business listing includes service related business, retail business, restaurants and accommodation in Umina Beach.



 Bowral.com.au is a business directory and a local information network which focuses in giving excellent and convenient socially-driven recommendations for any form of service-related business; including retail business, restaurants and their accommodation features, etc within the 30km radius of Bowral Town.


Hair.com.au socially driven business directory platform that provides contact information, social ranking & other related information about local hair salons and hair related services in Australia.


Healthclubs.com.au gives you access to health clubs recommended and shared by your friends. It is a local business directory which lists every health club available in the country. It includes listing of sports events, fitness centers and many more. Each and every business are rank through the power of social media so that we could provide you the best among the rest.


Flower.com.au is a business directory that concentrates in listing contact information and business names of expert Australian florists and floral-related topics into one domain. The directory also ranks these businesses through social media interaction. Through this you can find the best flower delivery and you can see which flower business your friends recommend.


Weddingreceptions.com.au is a professional business directory that combines all wedding reception business name and contact information into one directory and ranks them through the help of social media. The directory makes it available for you to explore what your friends recommend to be the best wedding reception business in the country.


Mobilemechanics.com is a local business directory platform in Australia that ranks and lists all mobile mechanics related businesses together with their contact information. It also deals with every topic related to vehicle overhaul and repairs. The ranking of businesses is powered by social media in which you can see what their friends like and share.


Dogwalkers.com.au is a platform that combines all Australian dogwalkers’ contact information and business names into one socially-driven business directory. The platform offers a ranking that is powered by social media that helps dog owners in finding the best dogwalking service in the country.


Drivinginstructors.com.au combines all list of available driving related business in the country into one socially-driven business directory platform. To give you the best, we rank them accordingly to social media likes in order for you to learn from the best instructors in Australia.


Leads.com.au offers advertisers, publishers & domain owners the opportunity to grow revenues through the buying and selling of qualified leads across various categories including Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Home Services, Legal, Automotive, Wedding, Dogwalkers & Driving Instructors.

Callcentre.ph provides a cost efficient B2B or B2C outsourced business services. We concentrate in providing an extension to your existing staffs. Our professional services include managing inbound support calls or creating outbound marketing or event confirmation calls. We are based in the Philippines and is confident to meet your personal requirements on a 24/7 basis.



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